Draw Policy

Draw and Prize Collection

A user enters a Draw by purchasing goods or services on the Wincredibles App. The winning Prize is shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) to the user's address provided during registration.

The user is responsible for accurate shipping information. Incorrect entries may result in non-delivery, and Wincredibles is not liable.

Collection of Winning Prize

  • The physical Prize is delivered by Courier within 45 calendar days or a cash equivalent is wired to the user's bank account within 5 Business Days.
  • If the first winner doesn't respond within 45 calendar days, a second Draw may be conducted, and the Prize given to a different user.

Ticket Information

  • Ticket numbers are computer-generated and not sequential. Users can't choose their own Ticket number.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and owned exclusively by the awarded user.

Winner of Draw

  • One winner per Draw unless specified otherwise.
  • Draw length varies, and the winner is announced on the day of the Draw.
  • Results are final, and the winner consents to public announcements.
  • Draws are conducted digitally and through a first-party API.
  • Draw dates are subject to Wincredibles' management availability.
  • Draw periods may be extended at Wincredibles' discretion, with user notification.

Deadline to Enter Draw

  • Deadline is before sell-out or closure of goods specified in the Draw, or before the Draw date, whichever is earlier.
  • For time Draw, the deadline is before the timer displayed on the campaign box expires.

Risk of Loss

  • Winner is liable for Courier costs, insurance, and all expenses beyond shipping and delivery.
  • Winner is responsible for port collection, clearance, local taxes, and custom duties.
  • Winner bears all charges and taxes for a wire transfer.
  • Risk of loss or damage transfers to the winner after handing the Prize to the Courier.
  • Company is not responsible for insurance, travel, medical expenses, or any personal expenses incurred by the winner.
  • Company is not liable for claims, damages, or expenses related to Prize usage.

Prize Disclaimers

  • Prizes awarded as displayed on the Platform, with slight differences accepted.
  • If registration or transfer of ownership is necessary, it's against the winner's name on the winning ticket.
  • User agrees to meet government and regulatory requirements for registration or transfer.
  • Wincredibles may allow an individual with a valid Power of Attorney to collect the goods, subject to review.
  • If a winner is ineligible, the Company may reclaim or dispose of the Prize according to applicable laws.


This Agreement is between you and the Company only and not with Apple. The Company, not Apple, or any internet service or mobile network provider or any other intermediary, is solely responsible for Wincredibles App and the content on the app.